Order Sympathy Flowers

Finding the words to express your condolences isn’t always easy. Let them know how much you care and that you’re there for them during their time of loss. Sympathy flower arrangements are a kind and comforting gesture they’ll fully appreciate in this difficult time.

Whether they’re close or far, sending your sympathies isn’t always the most comfortable thing to do. OrderFlowers is here to try and make the shopping process easier though. Offering sympathy flower bouquets, floral wreaths, orchid arrangements and many other floral options, you can easily choose the best way to say, “I’m sorry for your loss.”


Sympathy flowers mean so much more than “I’m sorry” though. Our sympathy flower arrangements mean support, love, care, empathy, and encouragement. And your loved one going through the grievance will recognize all of these attributes in this simple and kind gesture. They will also recognize the comfort a flower arrangement like this is meant to bring. Flowers are proven to have a positive effect on the emotional state of a person. The mere presence of flowers in a room can make someone happier and help them cope better with anything they are going through. So even if you feel like sending sympathy flower arrangements isn’t worth the time, you’re helping out your relative, friend, neighbor or whomever is dealing with this tough time more than you think.

Make the sympathy flower delivery even more impactful by adding a personal note when you check-out. Here, you can express anything you want to say to the grieving recipient. You also have the option of adding a teddy bear, a box of Rocky Mountain Chocolates, a greeting card or an I love you pick to any sympathy flower bouquet. Any of these add-ons will make this condolence gift extra special with their further meaning of love and support.

Our sympathy flowers are guaranteed to last at least 7 days, so you know you are sending love for a whole week. If you have any questions on our 7 day guarantee, how to send sympathy flowers or need a customized funeral arrangement, contact us 24 hours a day.



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