Thank-You Note for Flowers

When a friend or loved one sends you flowers, they probably don’t do so expecting a thank-you note in return. Sending a written expression of your thanks is, however, proper protocol. By penning a thank-you note, you can ensure the sender is well aware of how much you appreciate the flowers he so kindly sent, perhaps even increasing the likelihood that he sends more blooms your way in the future.

Sending Time Frame

When you receive flowers, don’t delay in sending out a thank-you note. Instead, pen a note and stick it in the mail that day or the day after. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to forget to follow through with the task. Also, the sooner you send the note, the more fervent you will appear in expressing your thanks, making it clear to your recipient that you truly are grateful for the gift.

Floral Card

While you can use any piece of stationary for the writing of your thank-you note, a floral-themed card may prove the perfect choice for a gift of flowers. Select a card that features bold blooms similar to the ones you received to visually tie your thank-you card to the present for which you are expressing your gratitude.


When writing a thank-you note for a floral gift, be as specific as possible. Instead of just saying, “Thanks for the flowers,” describe the blooms you received in detail. By saying, “I appreciate the sunflower array. They fit so well with my décor,” you show the gift sender that you truly are appreciative, not just sending a note because it's the appropriate thing to do.

Flower’s Use

Allow your flower sender to imagine her gift in your home by describing where you have the floral present on display. Write, for example, “The flowers make a lovely addition to my dining table” or “I placed them by my bedside so they are the first thing I see when I wake up every morning.” With these details, the sender will see even more clearly just how much you appreciate the floral present.


As you conclude your note, tell your note recipient how much you value him and the relationship you have with him. Say, for example, “I so enjoy spending time with you” or “You are truly a thoughtful brother.” With this relationship mention, you can personalize the card and keep the focus where it should be, on the bond you and the sender share.

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