The Perfect Birthday Flower Bouquet

A flower bouquet makes a meaningful and thoughtful birthday gift.

A flower bouquet makes a meaningful and thoughtful birthday gift.

There are lots of reasons why a flower bouquet makes a perfect birthday gift. Not only are flowers beautiful, they have unique symbolic meanings that can be used to send a special message. Much of the symbolism associated with flowers dates back to ancient cultures and civilizations. Today, flowers continue to touch hearts by speaking a language of their own.


Consider the person for whom you are selecting the birthday flower bouquet. Since flowers have different meanings and are symbolic of human qualities and emotions, think about the message you want to send. Match the meanings of specific flower types to the recipient’s own personality traits. For example, the amaryllis symbolizes radiant beauty, which makes this flower a practical choice for someone who glows with inner beauty. The cattleya orchid represents maturity and is a perfect flower for an individual who has many admirable qualities and leaves a lasting impression. For someone whose attributes include strength and perseverance, long-lasting carnations are an obvious pick. Lisianthus, which represents an outgoing nature, is the flower to give to someone who is easy to approach.

Birth Month Flowers

Give a family member or friend cut flowers or an arrangement of flowers symbolic of the person's birth month. Although flowers are often given to celebrate a special occasion, the flower associated with the month in which a person was born has extra meaning. The January birth flower is the carnation; February - the violet; March - daffodils; April - the daisy; May - lily of the valley; June - roses; July - larkspur; August - the poppy; September - morning glory; October - marigolds; November - chrysanthemums; and December - the narcissus.

Flower Meanings

The meanings attached to flowers give them a special significance on certain occasions. Some of the most popular flowers for gift giving have meanings that reflect how you feel about the person. Alstroemeria, or Peruvian lily, is a flower of friendship. Daisies send a message of loyal love. Gladiolas stands for strength of character and remembrance. Give hydrangea when you want to express gratitude. The chrysanthemum conveys a meaning of optimism, joy and long life and is a nice way to wish someone a happy birthday and many more. Roses traditionally symbolize love. Snapdragons represent graciousness and strength if you wish to compliment the birthday celebrant.

Birthday Flowers for Mothers

In many cultures, the lily is a symbol of motherhood, and therefore, makes a lovely birthday flower. Tulips, which symbolize a mother’s undying love, are another popular choice of flowers for mothers who celebrate spring birthdays. The pink carnation is a flower that has long been associated with mothers. No matter what types or colors you choose, any flowers you give your mother for her birthday are a sign of love.

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