Crafts for Valentine's Day

Nothing says "I care" like a special present you've made with your heart and hands.

Nothing says "I care" like a special present you've made with your heart and hands.

A good Valentine gift doesn't require a barcode or a price tag. Sometimes the best presents are the ones you've crafted by hand. Promote feelings of love and friendship by offering gifts that show your creative side. Craft with a friend, or enjoy some focused quiet time making simple treasures.

Cards and Mailboxes

Early Valentine's Day cards were gaudy, frilly and not easily stuffed into a standard envelope. Renew this old tradition by making cards using textured card stock, shiny foil embellishments and dainty ribbons. Pinking shears make good tools for achieving interesting card edging. Creative components for cards include paper lace, feathers and heart-shaped sequins. Introduce children to the art of making Valentine mailboxes. Start with a plain shoebox, and cover the box and lid with fancy Valentine's wrapping paper. Children can glue their name on the box lid, then sprinkle glitter over it. Don't forget to leave a mail slot at the top of your mailbox.

Sweetheart Mobiles

Put crafters, or yourself, in an imaginative state of mind by placing a flower arrangement from ProFlowers in the center of the table. Delicious-smelling roses will have you dreaming of love as you create a hanging heart mobile. Start with a wire or plastic hanger that you've covered with ribbon. Print copies of your sweetheart's picture onto copy paper. After you cut the photos out, create construction paper heart frames, and place the photos in the center. Punch a hole at the top of each photo heart, and string the hearts from the hanger to make a mobile.

Cups of Love

Recycle empty food cans to make a neat Valentine storage container. Pink, red and white construction paper plus some hot glue are all you need to create a humble container craft. Cover the outside of each can, using a different color, then hot glue the cans together to make an interesting sculpture. Apply heart cutouts and initials to the covered cans for added decoration. Place pencils, pens and other supplies in the cups.

Loving Wreaths

When you have limited space for decorating, a wreath is the ideal choice. You can make a Valentine's Day-inspired wreath using any type wreath you like. Buy and paint wooden hearts, and glue them along the outside of the wreath. You could add sumptuous frills like silk, wire-edge ribbon, dangling heart ornaments or nested doves. Let your romantic imagination run wild creating this craft.

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