Valentines Day Date Ideas

Many lovers anxiously await to Valentine's Day and the romantic date that often comes with it. If you have been charged with arranging the Valentine's festivities this year, you may be feeling the resulting pressure to plan the perfect evening. While a dinner out or even a movie can prove enjoyable, Valentine's is often the day on which people want to break free from mundane dates and try something a little more impressive and clearly well planned.


Stargazing is a romantic and awe-inspiring activity, but on Valentine's Day, the February chill will likely prevent you and your partner from lying out under the stars. This doesn't mean that you have to give up on beholding the beauty of the stars altogether, however. Schedule a trip to a local planetarium for you and your sweetie, arranging for seats at their February 14th show. To make the night even more special, make the entire date star-themed, buying your girl a star necklace or set of earrings. you could even have a star named after her through the star registry program.

Planetarium Trip

Hitting the town can be enjoyable, but staying in gives you the opportunity to enjoy your Valentine's company in a more intimate setting. If your date has expressed interest in a show available on DVD, rent or buy the first season of the series and arrange a sofa-based date. Prepare finger foods in red, white and pink in honor of Valentine's Day. Try, for example, white chocolate-dipped strawberries, pink chocolate drizzled popcorn, and red licorice. Cover the sofa in red, white and pink pillows and blankets to make it ready for relaxing. When your date arrives, pop in the DVD and cozy up, ready to enjoy your romantic Valentine's Day night together.

Couch Potato Date

Have some fun on the ice with your Valentine. Take your lover to a local indoor skating rink or, if the weather is still cold enough, skate out in the open air. Travel hand in hand around the skating rink with your partner, share some hot chocolate from the concession stand, and cuddle up together on a bench during skating breaks. Bring along a camera to capture your ice skating fun. Several days after the date, print out the pictures and attach them to a bouquet of flowers to be sent to your partner, telling her just how much you enjoyed your time together on Valentine's Day.

Ice Skating Escape

If you and your partner are both lovers of the literary, make books central to your Valentine's date. Purchase a gift card to a local bookstore for your partner, preferably a shop that has a coffee station. Head to the store and get some drinks and perhaps a sweet treat to enjoy together. Stroll the aisles hand in hand. Select a book that appeals to you, and ask your partner to do the same. Head home and curl up on the sofa or in bed, reading your books. In the days and weeks that follow, finish and trade your books, each reading the book the other selected. Once you both finish each book, sit down and discuss the merits over a glass of wine, making your Valentine's Day date one that continues well past February 14th.

Bookish Date


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