Wedding Christmas Ornaments


A wedding is a momentous occasion that many like to commemorate. One effective, and holiday friendly, way to keep this event in your minds and hearts is to place a few wedding-related Christmas tree ornaments in your box of holiday keepsakes. There are a number of different ornament types that you can select from when choosing your perfect way to commemorate your union. Choose one, or employ them all, making your Christmas tree reflective not only of the holiday for which it stands but also of the loving union you elected to enter into.

Photo Ornament

Display a photo of you and your honey hand-in-hand on your wedding day by purchasing a photo ornament. Buy an ornament that features an opening for your photo and the date of your wedding. Many companies offer these ready-to-fill ornaments, making creating an ornament of this type as easy as selecting a picture and placing it in the ready frame.

Hand-Made Ornament

If you are crafty, make your own wedding ornament. Save some bits and pieces from your wedding, such as some of the ribbon from your bouquet, a few things that you placed on the table as decoration or some napkins printed with your name and the name of your groom. Combine these odds and ends to make a one-of-a-kind ornament that is as special as your union itself.

Personalized Ornament

Purchase an ornament that comes already personalized as a way to represent your wedding. Buy a ceramic ornament with a bride and groom figurine, or purchase a set of bells intended to be wedding bells. Have these ornaments personalized with your name either with paint or with engraving. If the ornament you have your eye on doesn't come ready personalized, personalize it yourself with a steady hand and a paint pen.

Preserved Flowers Ornament

For a one-of-a-kind ornament that truly celebrates and commemorates your wedding day, select a preserved flower ornament. Instead of allowing your bouquet to wilt and wither, preserve the natural beauty of these blooms by having them freeze-dried. Many companies, like those in the resources section, offer freeze-drying services and will even encase your bloom in a glass ball, making it ready for hanging.


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